Wound Care

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Caring for wounds and ulcers

Diabetic foot ulcers are the consequence of multiple factors including peripheral neuropathy, decreased blood supply, high plantar pressures, etc., and pose a significant risk for morbidity, limb loss and mortality. The critical aspects of the wound healing mechanism and host physiological status in patients with diabetes necessitate the selection of an appropriate treatment strategy based on the complexity and types of wounds. This is where the Thera-mate pro becomes a game changer for managing wound care in cleaning, hydration and detection. Wound care plays a pivotal role in the management of diabetic foot ulcer, which comprises cleaning the wound with normal saline following aseptic techniques and the use of modern wound care techniques that promote a moist wound healing environment. The Thera-Mate Pro helps with that process of skin care.

Delivery system approach

Topical antibacterial such as metronidazole, mupirocin, Tulle, Silver containing ointments, Acetic acid 0.5%-5% and povidone iodine. The delivery system to administer these antibacterial is extremely important for those with a limited range of motion. The ability to administer creams and ointments or other healing agents is critical for wound care management. The Thera-mate Pro offers those capabilities to those with mobility and a limited range of motion and much more.