Thera-Mate Pro

Thera-Mate Pro was designed as an all-in-one hygiene system.

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What is the Thera-Mate Pro?

The patented Thera-Mate Pro is a personal care product that may help those with physical disabilities live their lives more productively. The Thera-Mate Pro is a versatile product that can be used in many different ways. Made from high-quality materials and assembled in the USA. This personal care product is designed to help those with mobility issues. Highly versatile, the Thera-Mate Pro exfoliates, cleanses, medicates, monitors, and hydrates your entire body including toes.

Why Choose the Thera-Mate Pro?

The Thera-Mate Pro is the perfect independent living aid for those in need. If you or a loved one live with physical disabilities, this assistive care product can help make everyday tasks much easier. Regain your independence by caring for yourself. Help others appreciate a new level requiring less assistance by others. The product can provide a sense of dignity which can change your life as well as others.

What Can Thera-Mate Pro Do for You?

The Thera-Mate Pro can help you in many different ways. Whether you need help cleansing your body or communicating in real-time with your doctor, the diversity of Thera-Mate Pro and its accessories are perfect for you. Thera-Mate Pro will bring you back to self-caring and beautiful skin by using all the tools available. Thera-Mate Pro is a complete skin care system that helps with managing your personal hygiene.


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Check with your Doctor

recording capabilities.png

Video/Picture Capabilities

Useful for personal visualization

Reach Everywhere

Clean and Inspect without Assistance

Cleanse your entire body's largest organ, your skin with little effort.

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Multiple Attachments

Everything you need to maintain personal hygiene care.


Assembled in the USA

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