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Looking for an ergonomic bathing product for you or your loved ones? The Thera-Mate Pro is a user-friendly hygiene tool that's changing the way people clean, medicate, exfoliate, hydrate, and inspect their entire body. The product can help you regain your independency in bathing, by allowing you to maintenance good skin care like never before. This tool may prevent falls when reaching while bathing or showering.

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Top-Rated Independent Living Aids

Thera-Mate Pro helps those with limited mobility to become more independent. If you or your loved one are relying on assistance from others to bathe, then this is the perfect All-in-One tool to maintain one's health and hygiene.

The Thera-Mate Pro is a patent-pending personal assistive care product designed for total skin care and body inspection. The bathing accessories clean, moisturize, exfoliate, medicate, and hydrate the entire body with a 24" adjustable handle. Thera-Mate Pro also swivels 180 degrees to inspect areas of the body by using the mirror and or phone attachment for your cell phone to aid doctors with telemedicine for their patients' care. BitFlo, LLC continues to engineer today's products for tomorrow's population.

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For bathing & self inspection

Made from high-quality materials and proudly assembled in the USA. The Thera-Mate Pro is one of our core products. We have other products under development that is soon to come to market. BitFlo is current focusing on developing products for the ageing population and person with a limited range of motion.

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Telehealth Capabilities

Contact your Doctor with Concerns from Home

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Multiple Attachments

The Complete Hygiene System


Assembled in the USA

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If you're looking for the best assistive care product on the market, look no further than the Thera-Mate Pro.

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