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Wondering what people are saying about our independent living aids? Keep scrolling to read real reviews from some of our customers about the Thera-Mate Pro. Browse our online store to order your Thera-Mate Pro online today, and be sure to contact us to answer any questions you may have about our products or our company.


All The Things I Need To Help Me

"I never had problems before with washing myself, but now I do. This product provides all the things I need to help me with bathing and cleaning myself. I am so happy that finally there is a product out there to help me with my bath."

-H. Williams, Ocala, FL


What A Product

"I am 75 years old, and I just can’t reach some areas that I once was able to reach. This product has given me the ability to bathe myself without the CNA doing that for me. I am so happy that there if finally, something that I can use to reach all areas of my body. What a product."

-Mary Ann Ellis, Orlando, FL.


So Glad I have This Product

"This product has help me to be able to clean my feet and between my toes. I use the toe sponge to apply fungus cream between my toes, because I have athlete foot. I am so glad that I have this product because I am diabetic and this thing really does work."

-Ronnie Davis, Miami, FL.


Game Changer

"I use the product to help me get in and out of the shower fast. I like this product and it works well for me. After I finish playing football, I just want to get in and out of the shower and this product help me with that. Now it only takes me about 4 minutes in the shower, game changer for me."

Justin Smith, LA


This Thing Really Works

"Let me tell you what this product did from me. So, I am a little overweight right, so reaching to do my leg, feet and back has always been an issue for me. Well, when I saw this product, I knew it was going to make my life a lot better. I am so, so glad that a friend turns me on to this Theramate product. This thing really works, I haven’t seen anything like this."

-Anna May White, Atlanta, GA.