What Makes the Thera-Mate Pro Different?

If you or a loved one is struggling with physical or cognitive decline, then you know how important it is to find the right products that can help make daily tasks easier and more accessible. However, many disability aids are expensive, cumbersome, or downright ineffective, which makes it hard to have confidence in the products that you buy.

That’s where the Thera-Mate Pro comes in. The Thera-Mate Pro by BitFlo is an innovative product that helps older people or individuals with disabilities access the hygiene and bodily care they deserve. This product has many features that make it different from other disability aids, and these features help to make life easier for those with limited mobility or special needs. Read on to discover four reasons why the Thera-Mate Pro stands out from its competition, then shop our store to order yours!

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Founder Has a Personal Connection With Disability

The Thera-Mate Pro was inspired by the father of our company’s founder, who struggled with dementia that made it difficult for him to care for himself. Despite these difficulties, he still wanted to maintain his independence and dignity, which is why the Thera-Mate Pro was developed with all of these goals at the forefront of our priorities.

We understand firsthand how difficult it can be to deal with limited mobility yourself or care for someone who struggles with the condition. Rest assured, the Thera-Mate Pro was designed from scratch with the needs of individuals with physical and cognitive limitations in mind, giving them an avenue to improve their personal hygiene with ease and confidence.

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Helps People Maintain Their Dignity

One of the key benefits of the Thera-Mate Pro is that it helps to maintain the dignity of those who struggle with the limited mobility that comes from disabilities or old age. Baths or showers are especially difficult tasks for these individuals to complete on their own; unfortunately, they often refuse to ask for help out of fear of embarrassment.

With the Thera-Mate Pro, individuals with limited mobility can more easily care for themselves and preserve their dignity. This gives them an increased sense of independence and a feeling of personal accomplishment that can be hard to come by with other disability aids. Explore our site to find out who the Thera-Mate Pro can help, then contact us to learn how to order yours today!

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Designed With Handicap Needs in Mind

Unlike some health and hygiene tools on the market, the Thera-Mate Pro was designed specifically for individuals who struggle with the limitations of reduced mobility in their daily lives. Its robust features include an extended handle that makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas on the body, seven interchangeable hygiene tools for a variety of applications, and unmatched ease of use. Whether you need help scrubbing your legs, applying ointment to your feet, or even inspecting your back, the Thera-Mate Pro makes it convenient and comfortable to do so.

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Cares About Promoting Independence

One of the goals of the Thera-Mate Pro is to encourage independence for individuals who may not be able to move like they used to. This includes people dealing with obesity, cognitive impairments, physical injuries, or women who are in the later stages of pregnancy. No matter the case, not being able to move with your full range of motion can make everyday tasks a challenge — and needing to ask for help all the time can take a toll on your independence.

The Thera-Mate Pro can help you regain control of your health and hygiene, enabling you to take care of your body all on your own. It’s durable, sanitary, and extremely versatile, making it the ideal addition to your bathroom routine.

If you’re looking for disability aids that can make a difference in your own life or the life of someone you know, look no further than the Thera-Mate Pro. Ask your healthcare provider if the Thera-Mate Pro is covered by your insurance, then order yours today!

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