4 Ways the Thera-Mate Pro Can Help You

Are you struggling with a condition such as diabetes, cognitive impairment, or a limited range of motion? Do you wish there was an independent living aid that could make your daily life easier? At BitFlo, we’re here to tell you there is! We’re proud to introduce the Thera-Mate Pro, a personal care tool that helps with a wide range of health and hygiene tasks. With a variety of attachments and tools available to add on, the Thera-Mate Pro encourages individuals like you to lead the healthy, happy, and independent life you deserve.

If you’re new to using disability aids, allow us to explain all the ways the Thera-Mate Pro can help you. Read on, and shop now to get yours.

Asian senior lady preparing for bath


Bathing is an essential part of everyday life and personal hygiene, but for many people, doing so is easier said than done. Instead of relying on a caregiver or loved one for help, you can use the Thera-Mate Pro. With attachments such as a body sponge for applying soap and a body brush for scrubbing off dead skin, it’s easier than ever to keep your body clean. Plus, the Thera-Mate Pro extends up to 23 inches long, allowing you to reach difficult areas such as your back or the soles of your feet.

Black senior lady and phone in mirror

Managing Health Conditions

When you have a hard-to-see medical concern, you may be left in the dark about its condition until your next doctor’s appointment. Fortunately, the Thera-Mate Pro makes it easy to monitor health problem areas at home. By extending the device to its full length and using the mirror attachment, you can inspect various parts of your body that would normally be challenging to see. For example, if you have an infection or growing mole on your body, you can keep an eye on it and inform your doctor of its condition. You can also use the Thera-Mate Pro to hold a smartphone and record video footage of different areas of your body for medical monitoring purposes and to show your doctor.

If you have a health condition that requires you to apply topical ointments as a treatment, the Thera-Mate Pro can help with that, too. It has a sponge applicator attachment that effectively applies ointments, creams, and gels.

Grooming items


No matter what type of medical condition you’re dealing with, you deserve to look and feel good. However, many people have to set aside their grooming habits due to their health problems. But with the Thera-Mate Pro, you can easily keep up with your self-care tasks. The sponge applicator works well to apply moisturizers and creams, while the exfoliating pad attachment allows you to exfoliate your body to remove dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Senior doing foot care

Foot Care

Whether you have diabetes or simply struggle with limited mobility, you can’t overlook foot care. Thanks to the Thera-Mate Pro, caring for your feet doesn’t have to be a hassle. The toe sponge attachment is conveniently-sized to make cleaning between your toes stress-free, and with the toe sponge applicator, you can effortlessly apply ointments and creams on your feet and toes. You can also use the exfoliating pad attachment to scrub the soles of your feet or the mirror attachment to inspect them.

By adding the Thera-Mate Pro to your daily routine, you’ll find that grooming, hygiene, and healthcare tasks are easier than ever. Plus, you’ll no longer have to rely on a caregiver for assistance, allowing you to regain a newfound sense of freedom. Start the journey to a more satisfying and independent life, and shop now to get your Thera-Mate Pro.

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