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At BitFlo, we are committed to making your life easier. Our patented product Thera-Mate Pro is an independent living aid for good hygiene for those lacking mobility. Below, we highlighted some kind words from actual patients and doctors using Thera-Mate Pro speaking about their experiences with the product. Read more below and contact our team regarding the doctors' choice of independent living aid for personal health care and hygiene today!

Client Testimonials

Our client is YOU and it's important each one of you is treated with the care, respect, and experience of using this versatile independent living aid. Below are some of the comments from our clients and physicians using Thera-Mate Pro.

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Professional Endorsements

Around the nation, doctors, clinicians, and physicians are relying on Thera-Mate Pro to help their patients with disabilities or a rehabilitation process. Read the endorsements we have received below.

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Dr. Tashia Reid DC,CFMP, Reid Chiropractic & Wellness Center

I think that the Thera-Mate Pro is a good tool that would be helpful with some of my patients going through rehabilitation. It addresses those that have mobility issues due to injuries. It also can help with personal hygiene care for those that have difficulty with dressing and bathing.


  Dr. Theresa L. Harris, DC              Chiropractic                                      Ocala, FL

Some of my clients have mobility issues that make a simple task like dressing and bating very difficult. Some of their issues can come from work injuries or car accidents. This is where the Thera-Mate Pro will make a difference with their personal hygiene care. I think this product will help a lot of people with managing their care.


Clinician's Endorsement

The Thera-Mate Pro from a clinician’s perspective has many capabilities. It assists individuals in maintaining excellent skincare and is very easy to use. As lymphedema therapy providers, we feel that Thera-Mate Pro delivers tremendous value to the clients we serve. We are happy to endorse the Thera-Mate Pro as a valuable tool for our clients.

Dustin P. Moura

Axiom Health Management

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